Research Group

Doctoral Students: (Name, Year of Graduation, Thesis Title, Organization of Current Employment)

As the committee chair/co-chair:

  1. Ali Hassan (incoming)

  2. Shahid Aziz Khan, 2021-present

  3. Mostaan Khakpoor, 2021-present

  4. Rui Guan, 2021-present

  5. Alex Sleiman, 2021-present

  6. John O'Donnell Jr., 2021-present

  7. Satyanarayanan Raghavan, 2022-present

  8. Fangyuan Chang, 2022 (expected), "Large-Signal Stability Analysis of Power-Converter-Dominated DC Microgrid".

  9. Shiwen Liao, 2022 (expected), "Uncovering the Hidden Features of Power System Data: A Statistical Approach".

  10. Bowen Zhang, 2021, "Reliability Assessment of Power Systems Integrated with High-penetration of Power Converters". (Software Engineer at Ford Motor Company).

  11. Adetokunbo Ajao, (transferred to dual MS program in 2021).

  12. Zheming Liang, 2020, "Strengthening Resilience of Electric Power Distribution Systems against Natural Disasters: A Perspective from Machine Learning and Optimization", (Researcher at Huaneng Renewables Corp., Ltd.)

  13. Hajir Pourbabak, 2019, "Distributed Control Approaches for Power Systems", (Senior Engineer at MathWorks).

  14. Tao Chen, 2018, "Understanding Deregulated Retail Electricity Markets in the Future: A Perspective from Machine Learning and Optimization", (Post-doctoral Researcher at Virginia Tech and faculty at Southeast University).

  15. Xianzhi Gong, 2016, "Modeling of Lithium-ion Battery for Electric Vehicles Application Considering the Temperature and Aging Uncertainties", (Power Electronics and Battery Controls Engineer at Ford Motor Company).

As the committee member:

  1. Linxi Zhang, TBD, "Intrusion Detection Systems to Secure In-Vehicle Networks".

  2. Ramakrishnan Rajavenkitasubramony, 2018, "Inductance and Position Estimation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine using PWM Excitation".

  3. Chang Liu, 2017, "Optimal Power Management based on Q-Learning and Neuro-Dynamic Programming for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles".

Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Engineers: (Name, Project Duration, Organization of First Employment)

  1. Dr. Shivam Chaturvedi (2021-present)

  2. Dr. Guilherme Hollweg (2022-present)

  3. Dr. Van-Hai Bui (2021-2022, Assistant Professor at the State University of New York (SUNY)-Maritime)

  4. Dr. Muhammad Waseem (2022)

  5. Mr. Yaoyu Fan (2022-present)

  6. Dr. Najam Hassan (incoming)

  7. Dr. Van-Thanh Vo (2021-2022)

  8. Dr. Abdollah Kavousi-Fard, (2016-2018, Assistant Professor at the Shiraz University of Technology)

  9. Mr. Shengyao Xu, (2016, Ford Motor Company)

  10. Dr. Wei Zhang (2015-2016, a software engineer at the DENSO International America, Inc.)

  11. Dr. Zheng (Steve) Chen (Co-advisor, 2014 summer, a Full Professor at Kunming University of Science and Technology, China)

M.S. Thesis Students: (Name, Year of Graduation, Thesis Title, Organization of First Employment)

  1. Ni Zhang, 2015, "Economic Operation of Residential Distribution System with High Participation of Distributed Electricity Prosumers", software engineer at N.S. International, Ltd.

  2. Yi Guo, 2015, "Two-stage Economic Operation of Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Charging Stations Considering Dynamic Pricing and On-site Renewable Energy Generation", Ph.D. student at University of Alberta, Canada.

  3. Jingwei Xiong, 2015, "Investigate the Impacts of PEV Charging Facilities on Integrated Electric Distribution System and Electrified Transportation System", multimedia system validation engineer at Mobis North America.

  4. Yu (Joy) Yan, 2015, "Investigating Bidding Strategy for Prosumer-centric Distribution Grid", R&D Engineer at DENSO International.

  5. Shengyao Xu, 2015, "Economic Operation of Multiple Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Parking Decks based on Distributed Cooperative Control and Game Theory", software engineer at Ford Motor Company.

  6. Rui Ma, 2016, "Evaluate the Customer Behavior in Competitive EV Charging and Parking Services", software developer at Deluxe Corporation.

  7. Jingwei Luo, 2017, "Investigate Centralized and Decentralized Information Infrastructure for Future Electricity Market", electrical engineer at Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

  8. Adetokunbo Ajao, 2017, "Intelligent Home Energy Management Systems for Distributed Renewable Generators, Dispatchable Residential Loads and Distributed Energy Storage Devices", PhD student at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

  9. Bowen Zhang, 2017, "Optimal Routing and Ecological Driving Systems for EVs/HEVs", PhD student at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

  10. Prudhvi Raj Rongali, 2018, "An Integratable V-X Communication based Conventional Vehicle Fuel Optimization model for distance based Ecological Driving Scheme", R&D Electrical Engineer at Reverie.

M.S. Non-Thesis Students: (Name, Years in My Research Group, Organization of First Employment)

  1. Xuanchen Liu, 2013-2014, product engineer at ZF TRW

  2. Sakshi Mishra, 2014, graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University

  3. Chenxi Ye, 2014, unknown

  4. Jiaxin Tian,2014, telematics software engineer at Mobis technical center of North America

  5. Zhengshen Shu, 2016-2017

  6. Aigbe Awenlimobor, 2017

  7. Fangyuan Fang, 2017-2018

  8. Yuxin Jiang, 2018

  9. Yaling Wang, 2018

Undergraduate Students: (>40 Students since 2013; Here is a Partial list.)

  • LaRico Andres

  • Peyton Young

  • Ben Hoffman

  • Priya Ganesh

  • David Liang

  • Zhexuan Liang

  • Wency Zhao

  • Jasjot Kaur

  • Jiaming Shen

  • Ibrahim Haidar

  • Zachary Howard

  • Rabab Alrayes

  • Kareem Khalil

  • Yan Figueiredo Andrade

  • Guilherme Rocha Pereira

  • Wei Li

  • Kevin Foust

  • Hang Dai

  • Natalia Melo

  • Mário André Matos de Oliveira

  • Maksim Sukhorukov

  • Eric Macuga

  • Balazs Juhasz

  • Philip Lee

  • Kaylee Schonsheck

  • Doris Kotori

  • Rui Ma

  • Shengyao Xu

  • Yulong Li

  • Anzhen Zhao

  • Hongyu Zhu

  • Yumeng Zhou

  • Xuke Yan

  • Nee Gulvadi

  • Rong Fu

  • Di Wang

  • Jing Zhang

  • Hongseng Wang

  • Haohan Xie

  • Jianing Guan

  • Siqiao Chen

  • Zihao Zhao

Visiting Scholars:

  1. Dr. Qais H. Alsafasfeh (2015-2016, Dr. Alsafasfeh was an Associate Professor and Director of Energy and Oil Shale Research Center, Electrical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Tafila Technical University, Jordan)

  2. Dr. Hansang Lim (2015-2016, Dr. Lim was an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronics Convergence Engineering, Kwangwoon University, Korea)

  3. Dr. Hansang Lim (2019-2020, Dr. Lim is currently a Professor in the Department of Electronics Convergence Engineering, Kwangwoon University, Korea)

  4. Mr. Yunhan Peng, Chongqing University, 2017-2018.